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Message from: Joseph Kahn, President of Hum JAM - PRESS PLAY ABOVE

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When I think of Internet Marketing, my go-to team is none other than Joseph Kahn and the fabulous rankers at Hum JAM. They are constantly posting about their client wins and how they are commanding the top of the charts. These guys really know what they are doing. If you aren't jumping on this call with eager excitement, it's time your pulse needs to be checked. LOL! No seriously, Hum JAM will take you to the next level.

Your Takeaway From the Digital Marketing JAM Session:

A Strategic Plan of Action!

In this session, you'll experience what our Hum JAM team has to offer to the fullest degree. It's called a "JAM Session" because there's a lot of brainstorming and fun in the process. We'll deconstruct the onboarding form and ensure we understand everything you want to do to take your online ambitions to the moon. The team and I will devise a strategy with you that will help achieve your goals with our award-winning services. Let us guide you with the solutions to your many possible questions (we've got the winning formula)!

What You’ll Do Before the JAM Session:

After you book the time for the session, you will be taken to an onboarding form where we will learn a little more about you. It's important to completely fill this out so we can fully prepare for your session. After that, get mentally prepared to accomplish your goals.

What Happens During the JAM Session:

During the session, we'll discuss everything we found on the onboarding form, sharing our ideas and strategies moving forward to take you to the next level. Ask as many questions as you'd like during the no-pressure JAM.

What Changes After the JAM Session:

After the session, you'll determine if you want to attempt the strategy yourself or enlist our help. We'll discuss all of the possibilities to work together, while time and supplies last. Get ready for online business growth!

Book now before our spots fill up!

Joseph Kahn

About Me - Joseph Kahn

From Award-Winning Pop Band to top ranker for Looney Tunes, I'm an all-in kinda guy. And I am hyperfocused on creating and learning new search engine ranking tactics and building harmonics in digital marketing strategies. (It's my JAM!)

With that said, my many accomplishments include: being named Leader of the Year for John Maxwell's company Maximum Impact in 2003, Fortune's Top 500 Fastest Growing Company status, Two-Time Microsoft Pinnacle Award, Best Internet Marketer (as voted at World Internet Summit), Million Dollar Traffic Sytems Product Launch, and much more! I strive for excellence in all I do!

Why They Recommend Having a

Free Marketing JAM Session

The consensus pretty much is that if you need help getting started online, you need some expert help in order to succeed without losing your shirt!

Marcus (aka Wolfie) UK

Online Developer

Hey Joseph, “WOW… I’m blown away by your dedication to helping others. Today I needed a little help so thought I would drop you a quick chat and WOW. You jumped straight on it but not only that you hooked me up to a live one-to-one on Zoom and walked me through my problem offering fantastic help and the best way forward… WOW, thanks for shining the light above and beyond the call of duty, simply brilliant!!!"



"Your team is my bread butter and helps me stand out from the noisy crowd. I am learning something new every time I get on a zoom with you. You are constantly training and teaching what it takes for my business to go to the next level. I say this to everyone, you guys "know your sh*t". I am not exaggerating at all. LOL. Get on a call and you will see what I am talking about. You will not regret it, you will be thanking me later."


Sales Manager,

"I have these guys all over the place in my many businesses. They are making sure that our web infrastructure is set up correctly, that our social channels are working together properly, and that our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is on point and commanding top rankings.

You need them. Trust me when I say that. You need their expert help and strategies that will help you get what you truly want: Online success!"

What Are You Waiting For? Are You Finally Read for Online Success!?

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